Tuition and fees

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Take full advantage of allowable Federal and Provincial refundable income tax credits. You can also contact Revenu Québec to pay you the income tax credit in advance (monthly installments).

Child care expenses ($40,00/day)

Yearly Household Income
Child care expenses
QC Tax Credit (1)
Federal Tax Savings (2)
Universal Child Care Benefit (Federal) (3)
Your cost per day
Your Cost per week (5 days)
$20,000 $40/day $25.96/day $3.37/day $3.28/day


$30,000 $40/day $25.96/day $3.37/day $3.28/day


$40,000 $40/day $23.54/day $3.37/day $3.09/day


$50,000 $40/day $20.77/day $4.95/day $2.84/day


$60,000 $40/day $20.77/day $4.95/day $2.84/day


$100,000 $40/day $19.73/day $5.85/day $2.51/day


$120,000 $40/day $19.73/day $5.85/day $2.51/day


  1. (1) Maximum credit is $9,000 x tax credit applicable per family income / 261 days
  2. (2) Maximum deduction is $7,000 x marginal tax rate / 261 days
  3. (3) Each child is entitled to a yearly taxable amount of $1,200 until he or she reaches the age of six $1,200 x (1 – Marginal tax rate) / 261 days
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